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Our sweet corn, tomatoes, and pole beans did well this summer, and also carrots and radishes. The most successful crops however, were strawberries and blueberries. This is not surprising. Perennials such as berries are better adapted to the hot wet climate of Georgia because the soil is not disturbed by tilling, and the soil organic matter can increase. Nevertheless, we are continuing to research sustainable production of annual vegetables. We are now focusing on a "living mulch" system, that is vegetables interplanted in a bed of clover. The clover suppresses weeds, and adds nitrogen and organic matter to the soil. In our fall crop of squash, clover is establishing ahead of weeds.

The biggest surprise was the popularity of our duck eggs, a Spring Valley EcoFarms exclusive. Folks who try them say that they have a richer flavor than chicken eggs, and nutritionists say they are better for you. We had been getting 2-3 dozen per week from our 10 females, but as of September, production dropped off to zero because ducks are sensitive to day length, and fooling them with artificial light is not practical for our "free rangers". We have 25 more young females, and they should be adding to production next spring when the days begin to lengthen.

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