Energy flow in natural systems as a model for sustainable agriculture

Spring Valley Ecofarms is a non-profit organization focusing on education, research and outreach to promote more ecologically sustainable agriculture.  The seat is 100 acres in the Georgia Piedmont. The vision is to reduce reliance on external subsidies in agricultural systems through utilization of the free services of nature.  The goal is to define agricultural sustainability and to develop techniques to maintain and manage it.

Blueberries for Basketball

Spring Valley EcoFarms and the Oconee County High School Basketball Program collaborate to get farm fresh berries to the community and raise funds

Oconee County High School and Spring Valley EcoFarms are excited to announce a creative fund- raising effort to benefit the 2019-2020 Women’s Basketball Program coached by Phillip Manning, Franklin Scott and Mark Warren.

The project has raised over $1,500.oo and consists of the players, parents and coaching staff picking blueberries sold in the private sector community.

OCHS Ladies Basketball is grateful for the community support.

Spring Valley EcoFarms has been growing organic blueberries for over 15 years and donated 100% of the profits to the program.







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