Energy flow in natural systems as a model for sustainable agriculture

Spring Valley Ecofarms is a non-profit organization focusing on education, research and outreach to promote more ecologically sustainable agriculture.  The seat is 100 acres in the Georgia Piedmont. The vision is to reduce reliance on external subsidies in agricultural system through incorporating free services of nature.  The goal is to define agricultural sustainability and to develop techniques to increase sustainability.




Strawberries on sale now at the Oconee County/ Watkinsville Farmers Market! Blueberries are on the way too!


This year we have corn, tomatoes, blueberries, duck eggs and other goodies at the Watkinsville Farmer's Market. All of our fruits and vegetables are chemical free, pesticide free- and go beyond organic standards. We are also LOCAL to the Athens area therefore your produce or eggs have not traveled far.
Who picks your food? We have a small team of people working at the farm who are lifetime farmers. We also grow young farmers.

Blueberries are on the way...the Spring Valley EcoFarms blueberries have been highly praised throughout the Athens area as being the very best on the market during the season. It’s our bumper crop and a point of pride for the farm. They grow sustainably and are robust; after the first few years of growth require minimal maintenance. What's our secret? They are shade-grown and interplanted with other trees that protect the blueberry bushes from deer, critters, bugs and winter. We also keep the bushes mulched with woodchips and compost made on the farm. We also believe that the exact location of the blueberry patch may have something to do with the success, perched perfectly on a hill.




Meet Betty our latest arrival at the farm



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